Praise for support unit and help it gives to keep domestic abuse victims safe

2009 Rhagfyr 22 9:52 AM

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has praised the work of Swansea Council's Neighbourhood Support Unit after visiting it at its base in Townhill today. The unit employs 41 people including neighbourhood support officers who work with tenants to tackle and deter anti-social behaviour on the City's housing estates. It also monitors the City's many CCTV systems, manages a new 'Concierge' system in City centre flats and installs and looks after many different types of alarms in void council houses and in the homes of victims of domestic violence. Commenting on the visit, Mr. Black said: "The Neighbourhood Support Unit works in partnership with the Police, to tackle many issues such as underage drinking and domestic abuse. I was particularly impressed at the work they do with victims of domestic abuse, helping them to stay safely in their own home. "The workers at the unit demonstrated how different methods of support are used in domestic abuse situations. For those who have landlines, there is an alarm that can be connected directly to the landline, and in the event of an attack the victim can be directly connected to the unit, which aims to respond within 20 minutes of each call "If the individual is not in the position to have a landline, the unit can place a mobile alarm system, which works equally as well. "Alarms such as these ensure that victims of domestic abuse can remain in their own homes, instead of having to move into a hostel. They also offer further protection from the abusive partner."

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