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Jenny Randerson - Unemployment figures show Wales is coping worse than the rest of the UK.

2009 Rhagfyr 16 1:37 PM

Commenting on figures showing that unemployment rose faster in Wales than any other part of the UK in the last quarter, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Economy Minister, Jenny Randerson AM said: "We are endlessly hearing from Labour and Plaid how well they have dealt with the economic downturn. They quote Re-act and Pro-act at every opportunity, but the sad truth is that these figures show Wales is coping worse than the rest of the UK. In turn, the UK is coping worse than the rest of the World.

"Northern Ireland which traditionally shared many of Wales' economic problems saw its unemployment fall in the last quarter, along with Scotland, and large parts of England. "At a time when the world economy is beginning to stutter into life,Welsh families are facing more turmoil and heartbreak. There will be little Christmas cheer in Labour's Wales this year.


In the last quarter, Unemployment remained unchanged across the UK, fell in Northern Ireland and Scotland, but rose by 0.6% in Wales, the largest rise in the UK. The unemployment rate is now 8.8% in Wales against a UK figure of 7.9% The full statistics can be found here.