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Burnham calls on Minister to improve support for music in schools

2009 Rhagfyr 10 9:41 AM

Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM for North Wales has called on the Minister for Education to provide better support for music in schools. Speaking in Plenary, Eleanor, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children and Young People, said: "Music is a key element in the development of young people because it can also encourage additional skills such as discipline, teamwork and commitment. "In too many schools the funding situation has become so severe that musical talents as well as general educational and social skills are being impeded. "It's even come to the point where some instruments are literally on an "endangered" list because they are too expensive for schools to buy them. "The Minister must do something to stop the rot. Wales has a stunning heritage of musical ability and talent. Only by investing in Wales' musical future can we be sure that the next generation will reach their full potential".