Brown's broadband spin doesn't match reality - Williams

2009 Rhagfyr 7 4:32 PM

Commenting on Gordon Brown's promise of "high speed broadband to everyhome in Britain" during his speech on Smarter Government, Ceredigion'sWelsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams said:

"Gordon Brown doesn't seem to understand his own Government's policy ifhe is talking about high speed broadband to every home. 2Mb/s is hardlyhigh speed, and while the expansion of broadband is welcome, in Walesthere remain significant issues of access and line quality to resolve ifthose plans are to be realised.

"There is a danger that there will be a new digital gap as high speedbroadband becomes more established, so muddying the water in this way isless than helpful, and could lead to people's expectations being raisedunfairly.

"It's a damning indictment of the Government's lack of strategy andforesight that we emerge from a period of economic boom and growth indigital communications without universal broadband, which has alreadybeen achieved by countries such as Denmark and Belgium.

"The Prime Minister needs to be careful not to promise things hisGovernment can't deliver, and to concentrate on delivering his broadbandpolicy."

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