Kirsty Williams: Unethical drug trading leaves Welsh patients desperate for the drugs they need.

2009 Rhagfyr 1 5:13 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling upon the Welsh Government to hold urgent talks with the UK government in order to address an emerging crisis in medicinal drug availability. Due to the favourable exchange rates between the UK and Eurozone countries, drugs allocated to the UK market are being traded in large quantities onto the European market and away from patients here in Wales.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats commented: "This unethical, despicable behaviour has to stop. I'm receiving a large amount of casework from patients with serious health conditions who are unable to access drugs essential to their treatment and well being." "This situation is causing a huge amount of distress and disruption for patients fighting serious health conditions. One of my constituents is having great difficulty getting hold of a cancer prevention drug, crucial in that person's battle to recover from life-threatening cancer."

"Drugs for conditions such as breast cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease are reported to be in very short supply. This is all because drugs are being diverted to the European market, in search of bigger profit margins." "The Government, in Wales and Westminster must take urgent action to ensure drugs allocated to Welsh patients are made available to those who need them."

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