Williams welcomes fairer tax proposals

2009 Tachwedd 30 2:29 PM

Roger Williams, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, has today welcomed the Liberal Democrats plans to create a fair tax system.

Mr Williams said that the plans, announced this morning by Leader Nick Clegg would benefit people right across Wales by reducing taxes for lower and middle income people by closing tax loops holes and forcing polluters to pay for their emissions.

Commenting on the plans Roger Williams said:

"The proposals announced today once again show the Liberal Democrat's commitment to building a fairer society.

"Under Labour the gulf between rich and poor has grown even wider, with some of the UK's poorest people being asked to pay tax bills well over the odds while millionaires use tax-dodging schemes to avoid paying their fair share.

"Meanwhile the Conservatives are making waves about cuts in inheritance tax, which will benefit the wealthy few, while refusing to rule out tax increases on everyone else that would leave thousands of families high and dry.

"Under the Liberal Democrat plans people will not pay any tax on the first ten thousand pounds they earn, putting £700 back in the pockets of the vast majority of Welsh people.

"We want to see a fairer tax system, a fairer society and a fairer Wales and today's announcement is a major step towards achieving that goal"

Notes to the editor: - Full details of the Liberal Democrat's tax policy can be found here

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