Montgomeryshire AM pledges to help Stop Climate Chaos!

2009 Tachwedd 27 3:58 PM

Mick Bates AM was joined at the Senedd by a delegation of students fromColeg Powys to give a message to Dai the Blue Welsh Dragon to show hiscommitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Wales by 40% (from1990 levels) by 2020.

Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) Cymru held a Blue Dragon event at the Senedd inCardiff Bay on Wednesday 25 November, to support a global climate dealthat will aim to keep global warming under two degrees celsius. Dai isthe Welsh Climate Dragon, turning blue alongside the thousands ofclimate activists, who have adopted the colour in the run-up to theinternational climate talks in Copenhagen this December.

Dai the Welsh Blue Dragon started his journey in Rhayader, Powys, wherehe was created by Russell Kirk and volunteers from the CARAD CommunityGroup. His first stop was at the Senedd in Cardiff to meet JaneDavidson Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, and otherAssembly Members, including Montgomeryshire AM Mick Bates and adelegation of students from Coleg Powys who were visiting the Senedd.Cerith Jones, one of the Welsh Assembly's Climate Change Champions(CCC), and 30 Year-Two pupils from Mount Stuart Primary School inCardiff Bay were there too.

Dai will take the Welsh calls for a fair, ambitious and binding (FAB)climate deal to marches in London and Copenhagen next month.

Welsh Liberal Democrat AM Mick Bates said: "Climate change is a globalthreat and will affect us all. The Welsh Assembly Government has agreedto cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2020 and we hope thiswill go some way in securing a greener future for generations ofchildren. Now it is time for these words to be put into action toensure that we play our part in Wales to safeguard our environment forthe future."

Julian Rosser, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru, said: "Over the pastfew months thousands of people across Wales have been joining thecampaign to Stop Climate Chaos, and many will show their support byattending the mass march in London on 5 December."

The SCC coalition believes that rich countries should take the lead bycommitting to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and warmly welcomes lastweek's all-party agreement by the National Assembly that Wales will seekto cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% (from 1990 levels) by 2020.This decision puts Wales at the forefront of the international debatearound keeping a global temperature rise below 2oC.

The Blue Dragon, along with hundreds of people from across Wales, willgo on to The Wave event in Grosvenor Square, London at noon on Saturday5 December, where the UK's biggest ever demonstration in support ofaction on climate change will take place, bringing together tens ofthousands of people ahead of the crucial UN inter-governmental climatesummit in Copenhagen.

From London, the Blue Dragon will travel to Copenhagen for the ClimateChange talks, alongside Jane Davidson and Cerith Jones who are attendingthe Copenhagen conference.

If you want to attend the event on Saturday, 5 December in London, orare interested in getting involved, please e-mail [email protected]; for more information about how to get to themass march in London, please visit:

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