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Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru


Welsh Liberal Democrats Help Solve Climate Crime

2009 Tachwedd 24 4:17 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrats played detective when WWF Cymru staged a ClimateCrime Scene at the National Assembly in Cardiff Bay.

2009 is the most important year ever for our climate with UNnegotiations concluding in Copenhagen next month. To raise awareness ofthis critical time for action on climate change in the run-up toCopenhagen, WWF Cymru staged a Climate Crime Scene at the Senedd onNovember 17.

WWF Cymru staged the outline of a life-sized polar bear cordoned off bypolice tape to depict the possible sign of things to come - unless wetackle climate change now. WWF invited members of the Welsh Assemblygovernment and visitors and staff to the Senedd to view the crime sceneand to sign up to our petition for a strong global deal to be agreed inCopenhagen in December to help secure a safe future for the planet.

Shadow Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, Mick Bates AM,said:

"WWF Cymru has demonstrated with this innovative photo call what thefuture holds unless climate change is tackled now. Climate change leftunchecked will have devastating impacts for people and wildlife acrossthe planet.

"2009 is the most important year for Climate Change - we simply mustsecure a strong deal between nations in Copenhagen in December toseriously tackle this problem. I urge everyone to sign up to WWF'scampaign to show their support and help safeguard our planet."

The Climate Crime Scene photo call formed part of the launch ofWWF-Cymru's second Climate Witness Jerry Percy. Jerry is the ChiefExecutive of the Welsh Federation of Fishermen's Associations and hebecame a climate witness to highlight the concerns that Welsh fishermenhave about how climate change is impacting on marine life, the fishingindustry and ultimately our nation.

The Climate Witness is a WWF international programme that documents reallife accounts from people across the world who are already experiencingclimate change.

Welsh Climate Witness Jerry Percy joins WWF Cymru's first ClimateWitness farmer Wyn Evans from Pembrokeshire who became a Climate Witnessearlier this year. Wyn's account revealed how climate change isaffecting agriculture.

For more information about WWF's Climate Witness programme and how youcan get involved please visit