Kirsty Williams: Mental Health funding cut as Auditors say services are still failing children

2009 Tachwedd 24 11:50 AM

" This l a test report gives a damming verdict on children s mental health services in Wales. The report finds that services are still failing many children and young people. We are therefore shocked to find that in scrapping the Joint Working Grant, the Labour-Plaid coalition has slashed overall funding of local mental health services."

"The Minister for Health has rubbished this report, saying improvements have been made since the research was carried out. The authors of this report have shown that research is indeed up to date. These funding cuts make a mockery of the Minister s confidence in the provision of effective mental health services for Children in Wales."

"In Swansea funding for Mental Health rehabilitation and CAMHS* will be cut by as much as £171,000 this year. The cuts are predicted to result in reduced staffing and an impact on the support to looked after children with mental health needs. These are exactly the services today s Audit report identifies as needing resource and improvement."

"We know that some £50 million of health funding remains unallocated and that there are significant inefficiencies in NHS Wales. We ask the Health Minister to investigate inefficiencies and work with local Authorities to establish secure funding for these vital services."

Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Minister added:

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for the Labour-Plaid coalition government to explain why funding for key mental health services has been cut just as the Wales Audit Office report on Services for Children and Young People with Emotional and Mental Health Needs concludes that "services are still failing many young people."

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