Montgomeryshire AM concerned over milk miles of Welsh school milk

2009 Tachwedd 18 6:41 PM

Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Mick Bates AM, has called for moresupport in the Assembly for Welsh school milk.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Mick Bates said:

"The supply of Welsh school milk is an excellent way to support a marketfor Welsh milk and to support our local economies. Sadly at the momentI am concerned about the sustainability of school milk, as the milksupplied in large parts of Wales is coming from Scotland and Ireland incartons which cannot be recycled in the UK.

"This journey from Scotland and Ireland is adding hundreds of milk milesto the milk that is being drunk by pupils in Welsh schools. Yet inWales we have a fantastic dairy sector that is struggling against thechallenge of huge increases in input costs and powerful supermarketswith no intention of sharing their profits with producers.

"Cartons are ending up in landfill as they cannot be recycled here, yetwe have an company with a recyclable poly bottle which can offer a moreenvironmentally friendly option for school milk.

"It is crucial that we see more support to procure and promotesustainable Welsh milk and ensure that our children in schools acrossWales continue to receive free school milk that has been produced intheir local communities."

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