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EMA Backlog shows a broken promise - Randerson

2009 Tachwedd 11 4:15 PM

Commenting on figures revealing, 5490 Welsh students are still waiting for EMA payments, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Education Minister, Jenny Randerson AM said:

"Every time we raised the scandalous delays in EMA payments over the last couple of years, the Minister told us that the problem had been dealt with for the future. In fact she explicitly told the Enterprise and Learning Committee that delays "would not happen again."

"EMA is designed to help the poorest students to stay on in education, and it is a disgrace that their futures are being jeopardised.

"The Minister must come clean now on how this backlog will be cleared and how she will sort out this situation once and for all.

"While the backlog is not as bad as this time last year, the Government promised that students would not face delays again so there really is no excuse for failing thousands of young people. I think I would go so far to say that an apology is in order."


The figures can be found here: