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Williams Wants Supermarket Ombudsman With Teeth

2009 Tachwedd 10 2:14 PM

At a Ceredigion farm visit with Wales Office Minister Wayne David MP,Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams took theopportunity to reiterate his support for a Supermarket Ombudsman,calling for a body with real power.

The Government have recently announced they will be holding moremeetings with interested parties to discuss the matter, putting on holda decision that was due in early November, after the CompetitionCommission recommended setting up an ombudsman in August.

At the farm visit Mark Williams and Wayne David heard about some of theissues that farmers are facing, and were given copies of the Union's WhyFarming Matters More Than Ever report and election manifesto.

Commenting during the meeting, Mark Williams said:

"The way the big supermarkets treat producers has been going on for 20years and it needs to be grappled now.

"There is no point having an Ombudsman with no teeth. The supermarketsgive out small contracts to a small minority of farmers and then theyget big headlines for doing it and everyone thinks they're the goodguys."

Afterwards, Mark added:

"The delays to the introduction of an ombudsman are a serious concern,and the Government must not go back on this decision.

"Producers need to know they are getting a fair deal from supermarkets,and the Government need to show some leadership for the sake of ourfarmers."