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Liberal Democrats: New nuclear a reckless mistake

2009 Tachwedd 9 12:53 PM

Commenting ahead of Government proposals that will fast-track a newgeneration of nuclear power stations, Liberal Democrat Shadow Energy andClimate Change Secretary Simon Hughes said:"A new generation of nuclear power stations will be a colossal mistakeregardless of where they are built. "New plants in the UK have never been built without massive cost to thetaxpayer and a lethal legacy of toxic waste. "Plans to sweep aside the remnants of local accountability in theplanning system expose a Government ready to override all objections asto where new sites will be built."New nuclear is a reckless strategy for Britain's energy needs as itwon't be ready for many years and could only make a small contributionto Britain's demands. "The best way for Britain to reduce emissions and secure its energysupply is through the rapid development of renewable power which isclean, safe, effective and would create huge numbers of jobs.