Climate deal gloom exposes Labour's weak leadership - Willott

2009 Tachwedd 6 4:42 PM

Today, the UK government said it's highly unlikely that a new legallybinding climate treaty can be agreed this year, and that a full treatymay be more than a year away.

Two years ago, the world's governments vowed to finalise a treaty at theCopenhagen climate summit this December. The UK government now says only a political deal is likely.

Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, Jenny Willott said:"This is extremely worrying…

"One of the reasons it is proving so hard to get a deal is because somewestern governments have been talking the climate change talk but notdelivering.

"UK greenhouse gas emissions have hardly dropped at all since Labourcame to power and our renewable energy output is one of the worst inEurope.

"It's little wonder that developing countries are not prepared to signup when western countries aren't really changing. The government needsto show the world that Britain is serious about climate change, put itsmoney where its mouth is and start to reduce our emissions seriouslynow."

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