Burnham: Meaningful youth services are the key to a better future

2009 Tachwedd 6 9:34 AM

Eleanor Burnham, Assembly Member for North Wales has challenged the First Minister to make sure that his Welsh Assembly Government will ensure more meaningful and appropriate services for young people. Eleanor, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children and Young People, said: "Youth services contribute to the physical and social development of young people and help them go on to lead full and contented lives. "Limited resources and a lack of early intervention are making the situation for some young people extremely difficult. Too many are ending up in the criminal justice system. "Evidence I have gleaned during the Communities and Culture Committee's investigation into Youth Justice leads me to believe that early identification of problems and involvement in meaningful activities contribute to the development of fulfilled and well-rounded youth. "The Labour-Plaid government must appreciate that investing properly and promptly in the long-term future of young people is by far the best way forward for all concerned".

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