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Kelly Report must start new era - Roger Williams

2009 Tachwedd 6 9:30 AM

Brecon and Radnorshire MP and Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of Statefor Wales Roger Williams has today called on all MPs to accept therecommendations of Sir Christopher Kelly's report into the expensesscandal.

Mr Williams has tabled an Early Day Motion declaring full support in thework of Sir Kelly and the Committee for Standards in Public Life andpushing for the reports recommendations to be swiftly adopted.

The report, published today, makes a number of recommendations forchanges to the way MPs claim expenses. These include an end to MPsbeing able to pay mortgage interest using Parliamentary expenses, thebanning of the employment of Members' families and the reduction ofresettlement payments to MPs who choose to stand down.

Commenting today on the report Mr Williams said:

"It is vital that all MPs, from every party, wholeheartedly accept SirChristopher Kelly's report and ensure that its recommendations areadopted as soon as possible. Petulantly standing in the way ofnecessary reform will make MPs look ridiculous and reduce our publicstanding even further.

"This report is a chance for MPs to start to win back the public'strust. We face a long road to regaining trust, but it is essential thatwe take this first step, so that MPs are not able to personally profitfrom expenses.

"The last thing we need is for MPs to start trying to pick apart theCommittee's report and letting self interest drown out the need forreform."