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Kirsty Williams - Assembly climate change targets must rise above party politics

2009 Tachwedd 3 2:09 PM

Ahead of the Copenhagen summit on climate change, Welsh Liberal Democrats have today called for all Welsh political parties to agree on more ambitious and scientifically relevant emissions reduction targets.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: "We're just weeks from the vital Copenhagen summit and the targets we have in Wales for tackling climate change just don't match the science. Industrial nations must reduce Greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2020 (1) if we're to avoid dangerous climate change. This is a huge challenge and failure is unthinkable, so we have a duty to look beyond party politics and show leadership in Cardiff Bay."

"The Copenhagen summit will only succeed in agreeing a global deal if heavy polluters, like Wales, demonstrate real commitment. Wales 'National Assembly has a legal duty to promote Sustainable Development, a duty Ministers are only to happy to promote, but it's Scotland that has shown real ambition by setting binding 40% by 2020 targets." "We believe the National Assembly for Wales should agree binding targets and put real pressure, with Scotland, on Gordon Brown before he represents our interests in Copenhagen. Gordon Brown must represent the whole of the UK in Copenhagen, so Wales should join with Scotland in setting aspirations higher, which we hope Labour in Westminster can match in the coming weeks. "