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RPA Data loss cause for concern - Williams

2009 Tachwedd 2 8:42 AM

Roger Williams, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and Liberal Democrat Foodand Rural Affairs spokesperson, has today criticised the Department forthe Environment Food and Rural Affairs, for the loss of farmers' bankdetails by the Rural Payments Agency.

Mr Williams said:

"This latest loss of records is just another in a long line ofincompetent data management by the current Government. That being said,it does not make it any less damaging for farmers and farm businesses."

"The loss of data in itself is extremely worrying, but the suggestionthat senior civil servants did not inform those farmers affected by thisis staggering.

"DEFRA claim that the missing tapes have been placed 'on the wrongshelf'. This is a major cause for concern as it appears the Departmentstill do not know where the missing tapes are.

"I have long had concerns about the workings of the Rural PaymentsAgency and this latest episode will do nothing to reassure farmers aboutthe ability of the Agency to deliver effectively for the agriculturesector."

NOTES: Further details of the data leak can be found here.