Recession Means More Welsh Soldiers need Right Support - Lord Roberts

2009 Hydref 27 1:40 PM

Figures released by the Ministry of Defence show that Army offices in Swansea, Cardiff and Wrexham recruited 207 more Welsh soldiers in 2008/9 than in 2005/6. Separate figures released by the Ministry of Defence showed that across the UK, recruitment of 18-25 year olds had risen by nearly 3000 since 2005.

Welsh Liberal Democrat, Lord Roberts of Llandudno, who requested the information, commented: "The Army is recruiting thousands more young people across the UK, than it was 3 years ago. In Wales, hundreds more young Welsh soldiers are being recruited, with many sent to fight in Afghanistan. As recession bites, the military provides an attractive option for young people, who might never have thought of joining until recently.We must make sure these soldiers get the right support, from day one."

"My hope is that these new recruits are given the right training, the right kit and the right strategy to let them do the best job they can. Military service is unlike any other job, so as more young soldiers risk their lives for their country, we must ensure their bravery is matched by a Government commitment to support our troops in every way possible." Ends.

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