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Wrong decision on Chepstow lab, Welsh police must act now - Mike German

2009 Hydref 22 2:58 PM

Responding to the Forensic Science Service announcement on the closureof the Chepstow laboratories, Michael German, Assembly Member for SouthWales East said:

"I am very disappointed and saddened by the decision to close theforensic lab at Chepstow. It is the wrong decision. However, there isstill a small window of opportunity during the formal consultation forthe Welsh police forces to ask the Forensic Science Service to retain abase in Wales".

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member added,

"Welsh police forces got themselves involved in a contract with forcesaround the United Kingdom resulting in the Chepstow lab losing work.However, the contract is coming up for renewal next year, and there is areal opportunity for Welsh police forces to act together and retain aforensic service in Wales.

"Half of the funding of police in Wales comes from the Welsh Assembly.We have the right to have a say where forensic services are based. TheChepstow lab was known for its efficiency and high quality of its staff.We can not afford to lose such highly skilled jobs. The best detectionsystems in Britain are currently located in Wales. If we are going tobeat crime then our police need these vital services.

"I am asking the Welsh police authorities to act now to ensure we havethe best crime - busting team retained in our country."