AMs should not decide their own pay and allowances -Kirsty Williams

2009 Hydref 21 2:54 PM

The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams has todaygiven her and her party's overwhelming support to the Assembly Measurecalling for the separation of Assembly Members deciding their own payand allowances.

Kirsty Williams said:

"We have to move to a system that will remove Assembly Members from anypart in setting their pay, conditions and expenses.

"We underestimate at our peril the ongoing anger and disquiet felt bymembers of the public around issues of politicians' pay and expenses,especially those of Members of Parliament in London."

Kirsty also added:

"After 10 years of devolution, it is no longer appropriate that our paybe linked to that of Members of Parliament. We are more than capable ofdeciding issues like these here in Wales.

"We can and we should be at the forefront of putting trust back intopolitics."


In their Autumn Conference last weekend, the Welsh Lib Dems unanimouslypassed a motion calling for all existing parliamentarians andprospective candidates to sign a Code of Conduct on Elected Members'Allowances and Transparency.

The Code of Conduct states that no member of the National Assembly,Westminster or the European Parliaments should profit from the tax-payerwith regard to their allowances and that there should be completetransparency in how allowances are spent.

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