Wales falls further behind UK average life expectancy - Willott

2009 Hydref 21 10:59 AM

Today, the Office of National Statistics released figures revealing thatthe life expectancy at birth of both Welsh men and women has fallenfurther behind the UK average over the last 15 years.

Commenting, Jenny Willott, Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for CardiffCentral, said:

"While life expectancy has improved across the UK, it is clear thatWales is lagging behind the average.

"Welsh baby boys born today can now expect to live almost a whole yearless than English baby boys. Welsh baby girls have seen the smallestrise in their life expectancy of any part of the UK.

"Given the Welsh industrial legacy, you could expect geographicaldifferences in life expectancy for older generations. But these figuressuggest that the gap in life expectancy at birth between Wales and otherparts of the UK has actually grown, not shrunk.

"This likely to be an indication of the health impact of persistentlyhigh levels of poverty in Wales compared to many other parts of the UK."

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