Legislation needs to be strengthened to protect vulnerable Park Home owners - Kirsty Williams

2009 Hydref 20 1:32 PM

Speaking ahead of today's debate on Park Homes, Kirsty Williams, leaderof the Welsh Liberal Democrats will call on the Welsh Government tostrengthen the legislation to ensure that park home owners, particularlyvulnerable older people, are not taken advantage of by park owners.

Kirsty Williams has been lobbying the Welsh government since before 2005to increase the rights of park home owners all across Wales and willtoday urge the Welsh government to ensure that park owners meet 'a fitand proper person' criteria to protect park home owners fromunscrupulous park owners and call for the establishment of a tribunalmechanism for dealing with disputes between home owner and site ownerswithout going to the courts.

Kirsty said:

"While clearly not all park owners are rogue and unscrupulous, there isa continuous stream of worrying complaints from park home residentsagainst some of the unreasonable conditions placed upon them by owners,particularly when trying to sell their homes. This is worrying as manyof those living in park homes are financially vulnerable and elderly,who have put their life savings into their park home.

"There are many park home owners currently in Wales and their rights andlivelihoods need to be taken into account but currently the protectionis heavily weighted in favour of the park owners and away from theresidents. Homeowners have the appropriate rights so why shouldn't parkhome owners have the same?

"We are slowly moving towards improved rights for park home residentsbut further action is still needed on issues such as dispute resolution,to ensure that the numbers of vulnerable and elderly residents currentlytaken advantage of by rogue park home owners have greater legalpolitical protection."

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