Montgomeryshire AM calls for an end to decline in broadleaf planting and restocking

2009 Hydref 19 4:35 PM

During a recent comment in the chamber on the Forestry Facts & Figures2009, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Mick Bates AM, highlighted theimportance of investment in forestry in Wales and called for an end tothe decline in planting and restocking of broadleaf trees across thecountry.

Commenting Mick Bates stated:

"Forestry is a very valuable resource forus in Wales which can help ensure economic growth in our rural areas.

"A programme of afforestation would aid green jobs and a green economy,as well as help to sequestrate carbon to benefit our environment andsupport the development of biomass.

"I am concerned to see that in the last figures presented by theForestry Commission, that broad-leaf planting had reduced from 500hectares in 2005 to 100 in 2009 and there was a similar reduction inrestocking.

"It is crucial that we see more investment in our woodlands in Wales andthat the Woodland Strategy ensures a reverse in the current decliningtrend in planting and restocking of our forestry in Wales."

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