Kirsty Calls for Fresh Start for Wales

2009 Hydref 18 9:42 AM

In her second speech to Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference as leader, Kirsty Williams will tell delegates that a clear opportunity exists for the party to establish themselves as the dominant force of progressive politics in Wales for the coming General Election, replacing the tired red-blue politics.

Kirsty will say:

"Make no mistake, if Wales makes the same old choices, we risk sleepwalking into a future that is the same as our recent past.

"After a decade of broken Labour promises, two decades of Tory misery, Wales is still bottom of all the wrong league tables.

"Our children are more likely to grow up in poverty, to struggle to read and write , to live shorter lives than children born in neighbouring countries.

"It doesn't have to be like this"

In her speech, Kirsty will focus on a fresh start for the Welsh people, Welsh businesses and the Welsh economy:

"Our ambition is for Wales to be the best place to start a company, the right place to invest and a great place to grow your business.

"That means investing in skills, the infrastructure and the people that will make Wales thrive.

"That's why Welsh Lib Dems will always prioritise education, showing trust in universities like Glyndwr University. They should be supported to play a central role in our new economy.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats have said for a long time the Welsh economic strategy was not fit for purpose.

"That's why we're ready with policies in place to create economic opportunity zones with public transport links, low-carbon energy supply and reduced business rates all connected to centres of academic and research excellence."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?