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Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru


Welsh Lib Dems demand economic tools to get us out of recession.

2009 Hydref 18 9:36 AM

Welsh Lib Dems at their Autumn Conference in Wrexham have passed a motion calling on the Labour-Plaid government to introduce an Economy and Skills LCO to ensure that Wales has the powers to tackle the ongoing recession crippling the country.

Over the past three years, the Labour-Plaid government has failed to introduce a single piece of new legislation related to the economy. The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that considering Wales is in the worst recession in modern history, the economy must be addressed head-on.

The motion on Taxation, the Law and the Economy calls for reform on rate relief for small businesses, the development of economic opportunity areas and, an opportunity for every adult of working age to have an attempt at a Level 3 qualification (up to A level standard) paid for by the government.

Jenny Randerson, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Economy Minister said:

"The Welsh economy is in a very poor state and one of the worst in all of the UK regions and nations. This is a major issue that desperately needs to be addressed. The Labour-Plaid Government has failed to tackle this problem and, instead, has focused on other, much less dire policy areas.

"They have also been complacent in their attitude towards the economy, with Plaid Cymru in particular, letting Westminster take the blame, when we in Wales could have been tackling the recession in a way that suits Wales.

"Wales needs the tools to tackle the recession head on and that is why we are calling on the Welsh Government to introduce an Economy and Skills LCO to ensure that we have all the powers we need to get a grip on the recession in Wales."