Burnham challenges First Minister to address "democratic deficit" in print news

2009 Hydref 13 3:57 PM

Eleanor Burnham, Assembly Member for North Wales has challenged the First Minister to take steps to halt the decline of Welsh news in the English language.Eleanor, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Culture, said: "Local newspapers are being forced to close and this is detrimental to our democracy. A plurality of views is absolutely essential.

"I asked the First Minister how he is using his influence to ensure plurality for the future. He assures me that the Welsh Assembly Government is in discussion with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Westminster to identify funding for news consortia in Wales.

"I am also interested to know the progress of the recommendations that came from the Community and Culture Committee's investigation into the newspaper industry in Wales, and I will be writing separately to assess if any headway has been made in those areas. "This is an urgent matter for Wales so I will be following the situation closely".

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