Willott Welcomes Street Alcohol Ban

2009 Hydref 10 6:00 PM

Commenting on the extension of the ban on public drinking on the streetacross Cardiff, Jenny Willott, Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for CardiffCentral, said:

"Late night alcohol fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour is a hugeproblem on the streets of Cardiff. People deserve to have a night out in Cardiff without the fear ofintimidation or facing violence as a result of excessive of alcoholconsumption. This ban should help the law abiding and responsiblemajority to reclaim the streets.

"But the police must be sensible in how they use these powers and actproportionately.

"More broadly, we must act to counter the growing alcoholism problem inWales. The number of alcohol related deaths in Wales has risen by 80%over the last 10 years, twice the increase in England.

"The government must make enough alcohol treatment places available sothat we start to tackle the scourge of alcoholism across Wales."

Attached are figures showing the number of alcohol related deaths inEngland & Wales. The Wales only figures were calculated by subtractingthe England only figures from the England & Wales figures.

An answer to a Parliamentary Question from Miss Willott suggested thatonly a tiny proportion of those 'in-need' of alcohol treatment wereaccessing it, here.

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