Young offenders' educational needs must be prioritised

2009 Hydref 10 11:00 AM

Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Liberal Democrat AssemblyMember for North Wales has called on the Deputy Minister for Skills,John Griffiths, to make sure that the individual needs of youngoffenders are prioritised during their time in the criminal justicesystem.

Eleanor, Welsh Lib Dem Spokesperson for Communities in the Assembly said: "There are far too many young people in prisons and institutions who are disadvantaged due to having undiagnosed and untreated learning difficulties and disabilities. "The system lets them down as children and they fall into a vicious circle of offending, unproductive custody and inevitable reoffending. "Early identification and intervention are essential and I called on the Deputy Minister in the Senedd today to do all he can to match the needs of individual young offenders to the educational support they receive. "The one-size-fits-all model is clearly not working and I want to make sure that we in Wales begin to make the difference both for young people in the criminal justice system now and for those who are at risk of offending in the future."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?