Hate protest should be banned - Mike German AM

2009 Hydref 8 4:35 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly member calls for ban on anti-Muslim protest organised by Welsh Defence League Michael German, former leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, who represents South East Wales in the National Assembly for Wales, commenting on the anti-Muslim protest that is planned to take place in Newport on the 24th of October said: "I am very concerned about the damage to our communities in Newport by this event. Some of the protesters are known football hooligans. When these people protest, violence normally follows. For example, they protested in Birmingham last August, police needed to act and they make a total of 34 arrests".

Michael German, Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales East, continued "Islamic extremism is not the real reason behind the protest". He said "This is an excuse. This is an attack on the peaceful Muslim community of Newport. The Muslim community is a very important part of our society, and they play a very important role in the life of Newport". The local Assembly Member concluded by stating that this planned march should be banned. Mr. German said "I am generally against banning protesting. But there should be a reason to protest. Hate is not one of these. That is why I believe that this protest should be banned". "Police have the power to ban this march, and this power has been used in similar events in England. I am asking Gwent's Chief Constable to use these powers for the maintenance of order and to retain the good community relations we enjoy in Newport."

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