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Welsh Lib Dems plan to build a new, green economy

2009 Hydref 2 3:11 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrats have today launched a radical consultationdocument on how Wales can develop a new, green economy ahead of theparty's Autumn Conference in October.

The document will be sent to members and stakeholders in the next fewdays in order to make sure that people from across Wales have theopportunity to contribute to developing the radical ideas needed toensure that Wales has an economy fit for the future.

The paper outlines areas where political will could help develop aneconomy that is both financially and environmentally sustainable. Theseareas are:

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Far too much of the political debate is looking at how we can return tothe economic climate of the last few years. But I do not believe thatthat is what we should be aiming for.

"The Welsh economy was struggling even before this recession, especiallydue to high amounts of personal debt and a lack of private sectorinvestment. We also cannot ignore the fact that climate change has thepotential to change Wales for the worse.

"Wales has the potential to establish itself as a world leader indeveloping cutting edge green technologies. We should make the most ofthis opportunity now, before it is too late. We also have the chancesoon to make sure that all new buildings in Wales are environmentallyfriendly.

"These plans are the beginning of the process that will establish theWelsh Liberal Democrats as the leading thinkers in the debate about howwe want our economy to look after the recession, and what we can do totackle radical climate change.

"I am glad that my party has the vision to discuss these importantideas, which are vital for the future of our country."