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Welshpool campaigners deserve decision over location of new kidney dialysis unit - Mick Bates AM

2009 Hydref 30 4:52 PM

Montgomeryshire AM Mick Bates has called for a swift decision on thelocation of new dialysis provision in Powys, following a long campaignfor the establishment of a new kidney dialysis unit in Welshpool.

Commenting, Montgomeryshire AM Mick stated:

"It is crucial that people across the county can receive treatment inWales and no longer have to travel such long distances for dialysisprovision elsewhere. Latest statistics show there are currently around27 people recently dialysis treatment in Powys, 20 of whom travel toShrewsbury Hospital for treatment while 7 travel to Hereford Hospital.

"The campaign for a new dialysis unit in Welshpool Hospital has beenongoing for years and many community groups have worked together forthis common aim. The Welshpool Hospital League of Friends has raisedover half a million pounds to support the development of facilities atWelshpool Hospital and they deserve a decision after all their hardefforts.

"Clinicians in Shrewsbury have argued that Welshpool is the optimumlocation for the development of a new dialysis unit. I am disappointedthat still no decision has been made on the future provision of renaldialysis in Powys, even though Powys was confirmed as a prioritylocation back in January. I look forward to a swift decision once theMinister has met with the Renal Networks on October 14th."