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Media Release: Burnham urges more support for veterans

2009 Medi 30 3:27 PM

Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Liberal Democrat AssemblyMember for North Wales has called on the Welsh Health Minister, EdwinaHart, to undertake an urgent review into the provision of mental healthtreatment for veterans.

Eleanor, Welsh Lib Dem Spokesperson for Communities in the Assembly said:" Significant numbers of Welsh ex-servicemen and -women are suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Instead of finding support and treatment many find themselves in the criminal justice system or with a substance misuse problem. This cannot go on. "For many, symptoms of the illness might not surface for years after the event and it is absolutely essential that we take urgent steps to make sure that PTSD is diagnosed and treated properly. "Whilst a pilot scheme is under way in Cardiff at the moment there are still significant gaps in service for other parts of Wales, including my own North Wales region. " I am delighted that the Health Minister agrees with me that an urgent review into the current provision is undertaken. I welcome the fact that the Minister recognises the extent of the problem and the fact that she has given her assurances that PTSD is being discussed at the highest level and that a statement on the Government's plans can be expected very soon."