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Progress promised for Dyfi Bridge improvements

2009 Medi 30 3:11 PM

Montgomeryshire AM Mick Bates has secured a commitment from the Ministerfor the Transport Ieuan Wyn Jones to pursue strategic improvements tothe Dyfi Bridge in Machynlleth.

Speaking in the Chamber today Mick stated:

"The Dyfi Bridge is the first crossing of the Dyfi Estuary so it bearsthe daily burden of traffic crossing the river with North to Southcoastal travel. I am concerned that increased traffic from the newTesco development will place further pressure on the bridge.Furthermore, when the river floods the arches are lost underwater whichforces the bridge to be closed and causes damage and erosion.

"The Dyfi Bridge is an important transport link but crucially it is ofimmense historical significance as one of only a few eighteenth centurybridges in Wales. It is vital that any improvements to the bridge takeaccount of the important architectural and historical value of thisstructure.

"I have urged the Welsh Government to take a strategic approach betweendepartments, to protect this nationally important ancient monument,whilst also maintaining traffic flow along the A487.

"I am pleased that the Minister has agreed to chase progress on theseimprovements. It is crucial that any plan reconciles the need for acrossing at this point across the Dyfi River with the need to protectand maintain this valuable structure and ensure that it is preserved forthe future."