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Welsh Lib Dems call on Assembly Government to support under-threat biodiesel industry.

2009 Medi 29 12:26 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling on the Assembly Government to take urgent steps to save Wales' fledgling but under-threat biodiesel (from recyclate) industry.

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: "In 2008 there were 5 biodiesel companies operating in Wales, the sector was growing and jobs were being created within communities, jobs that supported our efforts to tackle climate change. Today there are only two companies left and those companies are operating against all odds.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe the biodiesel industry is exactly the sort of green economic success story we need to build Wales' economic future around." "Market conditions are set against biodiesel suppliers, so we're lobbying hard in Westminster to see reductions in fuel duty for biodiesel and a review of the disastrous Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. But we believe much more could be done here in Wales to help nurture the industry until a point where economies of scale and efficiency kick in. The opportunity to develop the industry across Wales is clear but is being missed." "We suggest the Assembly Government * Joins us in lobbying Westminster for changes to fuel duty and the RTFO. * Ensures public procurement of fuel and transport favours low carbon fuel supply chains. * Revises guidance to bus operators receiving public funding on use of biofuels (Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) system favours use of diesel). * Works with biodiesel producers to develop a strategy for growth of the industry. * Works with producers develop Welsh branding and quality assurance (akin to Welsh lamb standards).