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Roger Williams MP Welcomes NFU's Election Manifesto

2009 Medi 17 12:47 PM

Roger Williams, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and Liberal Democrat Foodand Rural Affairs spokesperson, today attended the launch of theNational Farmer's Union's (NFU) election manifesto

Speaking after the event, Mr Williams said:

"I would like to commend the NFU for the work they have done on thiselection manifesto and for focusing the attention of all the politicalparties on what will continue to be key issues throughout the nextparliament and beyond.

"Farmers are the backbone of many rural communities and are often takenfor granted for the key role they play, not just in terms of foodproduction but also as guardians of the land.

"Crippled by rising input costs, low farmgate prices and an unforgivingmarket, the NFU's manifesto addresses the real problems of Britain'sfarmers by placing them at the heart of policy decision making.

"The NFU's manifesto addresses the issue of how the UK can move to asustainable, secure supply of food while at the same time preserving thenatural environment."


The attached photo shows Roger Williams MP with Hilary Benn MP (DEFRASecretary of State) and Nick Herbert MP (Conservative Shadow Secretaryof State for DEFRA). The NFU's election manifest can be found here.