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Cardigan deserves high-speed broadband - Mark Williams

2009 Medi 14 8:03 AM

Local Welsh Liberal Democrats in Cardigan have called on BT to providebetter and quicker broadband to support the business sector in the town.

Cardigan's MP Mark Williams and the Mayor, County Councillor Mark Coleare backing local businesses in their campaign to force BT to upgradethe local exchange. Local businesses that rely on internet sales such as Howies and Theatr Mwldan have complained that the speed of theirbroadband doesn't equate to what is required for them to functonproperly in a competitive market.

The local Chamber of Trade are alsobacking the need for immediate action. Local MP Mark Williams said: "One of the main causes that I have beenfighting since I was first elected in 2005 is the need for greaterbroadband coverage across Ceredigion. In a rural county such as ours,our small business sector relies on broadband more than most which iswhy they deserve to have that same entitlement that their competitorscan rely on in the bigger towns and cities. "But in Cardigan, the issue isn't broadband coverage, but the speed ofwhat already exists. It is wholly unfair that the likes of Haverfordwestand Carmarthen are due to have their exchanges upgraded by BT, butCardigan is being overlooked. This is completely unacceptable and I havewritten to BT, demanding that they upgrade Cardigan's exchange so thatour local businesses have every opportunity to thrive in what arealready difficult economic times". Mayor of Cardigan, Cllr Mark Cole added: "I've been approached in recentweeks by concerned businesses who feel let down by their currentbroadband provision. How can they be expected to compete effectively ifthey're seriously disadvantaged in this way? Our businesses are just asimportant as those in Haverfordwest, Carmarthen, Swansea and Cardiff. "I'll be raising this issue at the next Town Council meeting and will berequesting from Council that we write to BT with our strong views onthis matter. They need to upgrade our exchange - and we don't want anyprevarication. "I'm pleased that the Chamber of Trade is also taking up this campaign.The stronger, the more united and the louder we voice our discontent,the greater the hope that we can make BT see sense".

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