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Welsh Lib Dems back plan to slash youth unemployment

2009 Medi 10 12:19 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today welcomed proposals from Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg to immediately tackle the youth unemployment crisis. With the recession hitting the youngest the hardest, Nick Clegg today outlined new proposals to prevent people leaving school, college and university being condemned to long-term unemployment. They include: · Introducing a new Paid Internship scheme - until the end of 2010 - with a total of 800,000 places, where young people would be able to work for up to three months with any employer, without cost to the employer. Each intern would be paid a new Training Allowance of £55 per week, with employers required to give help with CV writing and offer time off to look for a job 1 Funding 10,000 more university places and 50,000 more college-based Foundation Degree places this year 2 Fully funding adult apprenticeships to give more young people access to vocational training in the workplace and improve their skills 3 Introducing a new ' 90 day promise ' after three months unemployment, instead of the current 10 months, to make available a place in work, training, education or an internship These proposals would all be paid for immediately by scrapping the pointless VAT cut now rather than in January. Commenting on the launch Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Economy Minister, Jenny Randerson AM said: " Wales is still suffering the problems caused by youth unemployment in the last two recessions. We cannot allow this to happen again in the 21st Century. " The Liberal Democrat plans will get young people out and about, gaining the skills experience and confidence to stay afloat in this recession. The VAT cut has added no benefit to the Welsh economy or to people ' s lives. This alternative way of spending the billions involved will make a real difference for a sustainable future. " Notes: The Liberal Democrat plan - A Lifeboat For The Lost Generation: Tackling the Challenge of Youth Unemployment ' is attached.