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A New, Green Economy - Welsh Lib Dem Autumn Conference

2009 Medi 3 1:17 PM

After the success of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Spring Conference in Cardiff, the party today announced its preliminary agenda for the Autumn Conference in Wrexham. The Conference will focus heavily on sustainable development, exploring how Wales can recover from the economic crisis and shape up for the future by building a new, green economy for Wales. Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said "The long-term prospects for the Welsh economy and Welsh communities will be shaped by our response to the climate and resource challenges we face. Labour and Plaid have reduced the crucial, complex sustainability debate to plastic bags, planting trees for babies and have put off emissions targets until 2011. Despite warm words, a 'growth at any cost mindset dominates Government policy. The longer this continues, the worse the damage to our communities, environment and long term economic prospects." "We want to raise a real debate, focused on the major drivers that will realise a green, prosperous and fairer Wales. Members will discuss taxation, planning, energy policy and transport policy - building a suite of policies that will offer voters an ambitious, green alternative to the outdated, failing developmental policies held by our rivals." Joanne Foster, the party s Chief Executive, added, "Our last Conference was our most successful ever - in terms of attendance and professionalism. We are already exceeding our targets for members and external organisations and I am confident that this conference will be a success. Notes. 1. The Conference will be held in Glynd ŵ r University on October 16th-18th. 2. Motions which focus on the Green Economy include: * Taxation, the law and the economy * A Tidal Solution - the way forward (which looks at harnessing energy from the Severn Estuary) * The Power of Mutualism * The Digital Divide There will also be consultation sessions on building a sustainable economy, public transport and windfarms, to which members and external organisations will be invited to attend. 3. The full preliminary agenda can be found here