Welsh Soldiers Deserve Fair Pay: Roger Williams MP

2009 Medi 2 2:35 PM

Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Roger Williams MP has today given his backing to a Liberal Democrat campaign to increase the pay of service personnel.

Under the Liberal Democrat plans, which would be funded by reassigning Ministry of Defence expenditure, such as reducing the number of non-essential desk staff, and changing procurement priorities:

A fully-trained Private would receive an average basic hourly wage of £9.44 from current £6.74 per hour. This amounts to £430 per week, an extra £115 a week.

Commenting, Roger Williams said:

"Welsh soldiers are being asked to do an extremely difficult and high-risk job, but they are not being paid properly for it.

"Many soldiers are dissatisfied with their pay levels, and they also face further problems with the lack of support available when they return from combat duties. There is much that needs to be improved to meet our duty of care, and we must at the very least ensure that our armed forces are paid what they deserve.

"The Government has wasted millions on equipment that is of very little use to our armed forces such as the Eurofighter, while they have neglected the safety and welfare of our troops.

"These proposals would be a much needed step to improving the welfare of our service personnel, and ensuring that we honour the Military Covenant."

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