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Jenny randerson and Jenny Willott go out on the streets with pastors

2009 Medi 2 10:56 AM

Liberal Democrat AM Jenny Randerson and MP Jenny Willott spent one of the Bank Holiday nights out in Cardiff City Centre with the Street Pastors. The Pastors are a group of volunteers who regularly patrol the City Centre offering help to late night revellers who find themselves in vulnerable situations. The AM and MP heaped praise on the Pastors after their late night visit, during which they walked the streets with the Pastors while they handed out bottles of water and flip flops, as well as helping young girls to get taxis and calling ambulances for those in need of medical assistance. Jenny Randerson commented: "I have great respect for volunteers in general but the Street Pastors are regularly volunteering from 10.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m. and they work in a very challenging situation. It was obvious that they work very closely with the Police and the doormen from the clubs and I was amazed by the number of young people who came up to thank them for the work they do. It is obvious they are making a real difference and the City Centre is safer as a result". Jenny Willott added: "It was a fascinating, if challenging, experience. It was clear that many young people put themselves in a very vulnerable position when they have been drinking in the City Centre. Young women in particular can be in danger. It was obvious, however, that the Pastors have already gained the trust of the regular City Centre visitors and there is a very high level of recognition for their work".