Landfill targets met but Welsh Government must aim higher - Mick Bates AM

2009 Medi 1 9:55 AM

Commenting on the announcement by Environment Agency Wales that all 22 local authorities in Wales have reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill, meeting European 2010 targets one year early, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, Mick Bates AM, states:"These latest figures are fantastic news and recognition of the hard work of councils across Wales to reduce the amount of waste that we bury every year. Landfill is extremely harmful to our environment and wildlife and increases our carbon footprint, so meeting the European target one year early is an achievement to be proud of. "However, although landfill targets do play a key role in protecting our environment, as each day passes and climate change becomes a greater threat it is crucial that we take wider action to reduce carbon emissions across every sector. "I look forward to the recommendations from the Climate Change Commission for Wales, which I hope will see new ambitious targets set by the Welsh Government for reducing carbon emissions, with innovative policies to ensure that we see real progress across every sector."

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