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Welsh Liberal Democrats consult those 'in the know' on public sector spending

2009 Awst 28 12:59 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams is joining forces with Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg in asking people who work in the public sector where they think taxpayers ' money can be saved.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats know that huge savings will have to be made to bring public finances under control and are launching the "Ask the People in the Know" project to seek the expertise of those working in the public sector on how to cut out waste while protecting services. Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: " The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to hear from the many people directly affected by public sector policy decisions. We want to make educated and informed proposals that work in the real world. We ' re offering a rational alternative to the gimmicks and headline grabbing schemes that have made life so difficult for Wales ' many public sector workers in recent years. During tough economic times, strong leadership means drawing on the expertise of those in the know. Just as the most effective, efficient businesses develop systems for collecting ideas and views from their employees, political leaders should let expertise and real experience guide policy. " Anyone who works in the Welsh public sector can submit their ideas on where money can be saved at . There ' s an option to set the location as Wales on the form itself. Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said: " David Cameron and Gordon Brown are having a sterile debate about the size of the total Whitehall budget. But they ' re asking the wrong question: we first need to find out if money is being spent on the right things. " Politicians should stop talking over the heads of public servants. We need to listen to the people in the know on how we can better run public services, making sure that every penny of taxpayers ' money is well spent. That ' s what ' Asking People In The Know ' is all about. "