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Lib Dems: Assembly away day spending shows lack of credit-crunch creativity.

2009 Awst 28 12:02 PM

Commenting on the disclosure of the £300,000 spent on WAG away days last year, A spokesperson for the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: "This expenditure only covers events described as 'away days' and does not cover wider organisational development training. £300,000 is a large sum of money so taxpayers should expect that as public budgets tighten, the Assembly Government tightens its purse strings too. Away days can be productive and morale boosting but they don't need to take place at huge expense." " Many large private companies are now choosing away days at very low cost, often combining free outdoor activities with low-cost accommodation and back to basics facilities precisely because this can break the monotony of office working. These figures suggest an open-wallet but not open-minded approach to civil service organisational development."

Notes: details of expenditure: