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Burnham: Video Law Loophole is a "Massive Embarrassment"

2009 Awst 25 10:31 AM

Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Culture has expressed her amazement that a 1984 law regulating video games and adult videos cannot be properly enforced because the government at the time failed to inform the European Commission. Commenting on the news that the mistakes by the Conservatives have meant that the law designed to prevent video piracy and stop children watching harmful DVDs is unenforceable, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture Minister, Eleanor Burnham said:

"The Conservative's incompetence when they were in Government has made laws designed to prevent video piracy and protect children from harmful DVDs unenforceable and thrown film censorship into chaos. "This must be a massive embarrassment to the Tories, especially as David Cameron was the special advisor to the Home Secretary in 1993 when the law was amended. "The law must now be passed again and until these problems are resolved we must hope that legitimate retailers will observe the spirit of the act to protect our children from violent and explicit DVDs and videogames."