University cuts not justified after top-up fees betrayal - Randerson

2009 Awst 24 10:21 AM

Commenting on warnings from HEFCW that Welsh Universities can expect a steeper reduction in funding form the Labour-Plaid Assembly Government next year, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister, Jenny Randerson said: "Education is vital during a recession and to build longer term economic growth. Universities should be a key priority, not just within the education department, but also for the Economy.

"Any cuts in courses will be particularly hard to bear for students after Plaid Cymru allowed Labour to introduce top-up fees for Welsh students. Why should they be forced into tens of thousands of pounds of extra debt when the service they will get is being reduced at the same time?"

"Labour and Plaid should have learned from the strong opposition that forced an embarrassing u-turn for the Government on FE funding. They are likely to face a similar backlash from those who support a strong and successful university sector."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?