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Bates expresses support for Junior Doctor 'Option 7' campaign

2009 Awst 21 1:12 PM

Montgomeryshire AM Mick Bates has expressed his support for the British Medical Association Cymru's (BMA) 'Option 7' campaign which is designed to improve the lives of junior doctors working in Wales.

BMA Cymru Wales has launched the Option 7 Campaign, aimed at improving the lives of junior doctors in Wales, following increasing concerns about the working conditions of junior doctors and the impact that this could have both on careers and patient safety. BMA Cymru Wales has devised the Option 7 campaign - named after the option on a BMA phone line that juniors can select, to discuss bullying and harassment in confidence.

Welsh Liberal Democrat AM Mick Bates stated:

"The BMA 'Option 7' campaign is an excellent initiative by BMA Cymru. Patients in Welsh hospitals depend upon junior doctors, so it is crucial that junior doctors feel safe and secure in their workplace and anything that can improve their working conditions is to be welcomed.

"It is a sad fact that junior doctors facing difficulties in the workplace such as unsafe staffing levels, bullying, or a lack of training opportunities, may not feel confident in reporting these problems to the management.

"The 'Option 7' campaign and helpline set up by BMA Cymru offers junior doctors a chance to speak about their fears and concerns in confidence, and know that action will be taken without having to risk their careers and livelihoods in order to do so. "I am very happy to support the campaign and I would urge any junior doctor who has concerns over any aspect of their working conditions to ring 0300 123 123 3 , select option 7 and report them."