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Burnham: New Bill will save small music venues

2009 Gorffenaf 23 10:26 AM

Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for North Wales, has welcomed the news that a new Bill aimed at reviving live music in England and Wales is due to receive its First Reading in the House of Lords today (Wednesday). This follows on from the Westminster Government's failure this week to accept the recommendations of a Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee report calling for the laws governing the performance of live music to be relaxed. The Live Music Bill aims to revive live music by: * Creating an exemption from licences for the performance of any live music in a pub or similar venue * Reintroducing the rule allowing up to two performers to play live music anywhere without the need for a licence * Enabling hospitals, schools and colleges to perform live music without the need for licences Commenting, Eleanor said: "We were literally promised 'an explosion' of live music when the Licensing Act went through in 2003, yet the reality has been a major reduction in performances in the small venues which are so important to new artists. "The new Bill the Liberal Democrats are proposing will provide crucial exemptions and will free small venues from the bureaucracy and cost of the Act which I am sure will be of major benefit to Wales' talented musicians and the many people who enjoy live music."