Welsh Lib Dems call for Power to the People as Brown's 25% unelected cabinet arrive for stage managed Cardiff visit.

2009 Gorffenaf 22 2:42 PM

The day before Gordon Brown brings his 25% unelected cabinet to Cardiff, in a stage managed effort to show 'open government', the Welsh Liberal Democrats have outlined the practical steps they would take to bring real power back to the people of Wales. Kirsty Williams said: "The Liberal Democrats are the only party offering voters something different and something better. In Wales we're pushing hard for a referendum on further devolution and we're the only party defending the rights of councils to work without government micro-management. And today, Nick Clegg outlined our plans to reform expenses, end big donations, elect the House of Lords, cut the power of Ministers, reduce the number of MPs, and give local people the right to sack any MP guilty of serious wrongdoing. The old parties don't want to change a system that keeps them in power - only voters can force this change by voting for something different." Commenting on the visit of the Cabinet to Cardiff, Mrs Williams, the first female leader of Welsh political party, said: "The arrival of Gordon Brown, never directly elected as Prime Minister and his 25% unelected cabinet, offers a stark reminder of how little Labour value democracy and accountability. A carefully stage managed few hours in Cardiff can't replace real engagement with Welsh communities and meaningful reform of our damaged democracy. Only a small number of handpicked guests will get the chance to ask the cabinet a question tomorrow, from a set list of topics. At the town hall meetings I'll be hosting across Wales this year, you can ask anything you want and expect a straight answer. Wales deserves properly elected leaders who listen, not spin."

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