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Renewable Energy Strategy must herald dawn of a new green future - Mick Bates AM

2009 Gorffenaf 15 3:48 PM

Commenting on the UK Government's new Renewable Energy Strategy released today, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, Mick Bates AM, said: "Wales has enormous potential for the development of renewable energy and if the UK Government can finally deliver on its green rhetoric then we will see immense benefits for our environment and for our economy which could see us become a world leader in green technology and green jobs. "Making full use of the wide portfolio of renewable energy sources in Wales will be key to securing our energy supply for the future. The strategy suggests that more than 30% of our electricity and 12% of our heat could come from renewables, through the development of wind, biomass, hydro, wave and tidal resources and I hope the UK Government will make full use of the abundant natural resources that we have available. "Currently Britain languishes at the bottom of the EU renewables league and the development of renewable energy has been suppressed as the Government continues to succumb to the nuclear lobby. "It is time for the UK Government to realise that if we do not take action now then within the next decade Britain could be facing a major shortfall in energy supply. It is crucial that the Renewable Energy Strategy heralds the dawn of a new green future for the UK and I hope this strategy will at last move the UK into the fast lane for the development of renewable energy, so that we can become a world leader in the low carbon economy of the future."